Arduino CNC Shield Tutorial - Control Stepper Motors using CNC Shield V3.0

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In this video, we are going to see how to control multiple stepper motors using an arduino and CNC shield board V3.0.

this CNC shield eliminates the need of a breadboard to control multiple stepper motors

Download the stepper test code and upload it to arduino.

download grblmain library and add to arduino via add .zip library
install GRBL controller and connect to arduino by selecting correct COM port

Links to code, files, and parts used in the video:

Stepper Test Code: http://bit.ly/3p78ZzF

GRBL Library: http://bit.ly/3qGDfBS

GRBL Controller: http://bit.ly/394lqa5

Part Links:

Stepper Motors NEMA 17: http://bit.ly/2Nr97fF

CNC Shield Board V3.0: http://bit.ly/3iwCUii

Arduino uno Micro USB: http://bit.ly/aRdUiNo

A4988 Drivers: http://bit.ly/3bTOPpg

Power Supply 12V: http://bit.ly/2N6fdSv

Solder Iron i Use: http://bit.ly/2GSArih

Helping Hand Magnifier: http://bit.ly/2Uh11oe

arduino uno Micro USB: http://bit.ly/aRdUiNo

also do check out these cool 3d Printers:

Creality Ender 3 pro : http://bit.ly/36m1POI
Creality CR-10s pro: http://bit.ly/2QmqU6z

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