Another CNC Pen Plotter | Arduino + GRBL

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In this video we will be making a CNC pen plotter with the help of salvaged parts from an old printer scanner. In our case we have salvaged parts from an Old Canon Pixma MP160 printer.
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Note - Please do check stepper motors datasheet for current ratings and accordingly set Vref for the drivers.

Dfrobot purchase link -
Arduino Uno: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-838.html?tracking=6225b94379b01
Motor: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-121.html?tracking=6225b9e71f3ab

Below are the parts which were salvaged -
1. Stepper motor * 2
2. 6mm Linear rod * 4
3. Timing belt * 2
4. Idler pulley * 2
5. 24V Power supply
6. 3mm rods

Other Required Parts -
1. 2020 Aluminium profile
2. M3 nuts and bolts
3. M3 threaded brass inserts
4. M4 t-nuts and bolts
5. Arduino Uno
6. CNC Grbl Shield
7. DVR8825 stepper motor drivers
8. Servo Motor
9. 2020 Aluminum Profile Corner Angle Bracket
10. 3d printed parts

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