Advanced Arduino FastLED Remote with ESP8266 Server

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An overview ( don't mind the minimal editing ) of the FastLED remote I put together for controlling LED strips. Using the libraries Arduino JSON, and ESPAsyncWebServer.

It demonstrates the essentials for asynchronous control over your lights, and is ready for expansion - the addition of more animations and modes.

The one feature I implemented allows for easy creation and real-time viewing of FastLED palettes, so that the palette that an animation is using can be changed on the fly!

Here is the repo with the src as well as the readme with reference to useful tutorials for working with the required libraries : https://github.com/twofingerrightclick/FastledServer

The webpage JavaScript is done with KnockoutJs in TypeScript. Other tooling for it is done via npm.

Intro Music ???? Morning Bird (Instrumental) AO Topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQwoXL2FtIM&ab_channel=ao-Topic
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