5 Home Decor DIY: Wood floor lamp, Hand Chunky Knit Blanket, Wood Candle Holder, Textured Wall Art

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In this week's tutorial, I have 5 DIY home decor projects that you can create! This week I will show you how to hand a super chunky blanket! Next DIY idea is a wood floor lamp using wooden dowels for a lamp shade for a BOHO vibe. I’ll will be making a wood candle holder out of pencil posts to hold tea lights for a fresh modern look! Next, I will show you how to make your textured wall art canvas easy for beginners. Lastly, I will show you my living room makeover 2021 using all the home decor DIY projects in this tutorial!!
Chapter Sections for easy referral look up:

00:00 Start
00:22 Project # 1 Big chunky chenille waffle blanket!
06:14 Project # 2 Wood candle holders
08:44 Project # 3 Textured abstract art on canvas
13:35 Project # 4 DIY boho style floor lamp
15:35 Recycled lamp shade for floor lamp
20:12 Project # 5 Living room makeover Part one!

Some of the materials used in this project can be found at my amazon store which the link is below:

For the complete measurement for the wood floor lamp, please see below:

Raw Materials list Boho Lamp

Spruce Wood:

2”x1”x8’ spruce or pine 5 pieces
2”x 4” spruce or pine scrap piece cut into 2.5” x 2.5” Square block
1/2” x 48” wooden dowels cut into 12” long

Copper pipe:
a) 1/2” diameter approximately 51” inches

1- Lamp Shade
1-Lamp light set (pendant drop light) (You can reuse a lamp light set from an old vase lamp if you have or get a plug in light)
1- Outlet Plug
1-On/Off switch

Lamp Stand Wood Cuts:

Lamp legs: 4- 50” Length from 2”x1” Spruce wood. Note cut the wood both ends at a 10 degree angle cut with a miter saw
Lamp Base (X-shape): 1- 18” length from 2”x1” Spruce wood. Note cut wood both ends at a 10 degree angle cut with a miter saw
Lamp Base (X-shape shorter ends): 2- 7.5” length from 2”x1” Spruce wood. Note cut one end straight and the other end at a 10 degree angle cut with a miter saw.
Lamp Top (Wood block to hold lamp): 1- 2.5” x 2.5” square from a 2”x4” spruce scrap wood.
Copper Pipe: Cut approximately 51” length from 1/2” diameter copper pipe. Note the “extra 1 inch” will fit in the top and bottom wood base and top block
Wooden Dowels: Cut into 12” Long from 1/2” x 48” wooden dowels. Note cut as many as you need to glue to lamp shade.

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