5$ ARDUINO car key JAMMER DIY. Relay attack / keyless car hack / car hacking protection

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Keyless car hacking is quite easy now. Here you can find very simple but usefull device to protect your car from being stolen ( by remote RF car opening attack known as 'relay attack' or 'car rolljam attack' ).

Here I am using combination of Digispark module (ATTINY85) and FS1000A transmitter (443 or 315MHz version).

The attack I am talking about is described here :
and you can see a video showing it here : https://youtu.be/6WRImH5ZmjI
As for know there are almost 230 models vulnerable for such attacks :

Basically Digispark module with ATTINY85 onboard will send continous sequence of 100 pulses with different frequencies to DATA PIN of FS1000A module. It will generate a lot of noise on 433MHz (EUROPE/ASIA) or 315MHz (USA) frequency. Remember to order proper version of FS1000A unit for your location. Two revisions can be found on the market - USA 315MHz and EUROPE/ASIA 443MHz.
This little device can protect your car from remote hacking by jamming hackers signals when they pull car door knob.

Details of the project are here : https://github.com/mcore1976/jammer
No additional programmers are required, simple Arduino environment with Digispark libraries is sufficient ( https://www.instructables.com/Digispark-Attiny-85-With-Arduino-IDE/ )

REMEMBER that such usage of unlicensed band may be illegal in your country ! You are doing it on you own risk. It is only for educational purposes.

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