4 FULL ODDS SHINIES AFTER 100 HOURS - Dual Hunting with Arduino! Pokemon DP/HGSS/BW2 Pocket Monsters

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I have been really into pokemon shiny hunting recently! I was super excited to make this video so I hope you guys enjoy. I have been putting in tons of work to make these shiny hunters work but its been totally worth it! If you guys want more specifics on how I did it make sure to comment! Thanks for watching!

I got the shinies in pokemon platinum japanese version, pokemon white 2, and pokemon heart gold! (I got a shiny cascoon in platinum today btw so that might be its own video depending on how well this one does!)

I also want to remind everyone I don't think I'm anywhere near the tier of shiny hunter of people who actually manually shiny hunt I just find this fun so I wanted to do it :)

Insta: @glyptodonyt

Battle Hall
Mantine Surf
Viridian Forest

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Thanks for watching!

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