3D printed lathe build guide

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its here and it is what it is

Any further questions feel free to ask

Polyphonic Congas - Unicorn Heads

Thingiverse parts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4678844

Other parts:

27cm 5/32nd rod, 2-3

m4*20mm bolts, 2
m4*15mm bolts, 8
m3*20mm bolts, 4
m2*20mm bolt, 1

3/16th threaded rod lengths, 13cm, 4
3/16th threaded rod length, 9cm, 1

3/16th ~50mm bolts, 4

3/16th nuts, 14

6mm rod, 30cm

5mm rod, 9cm, 1

er 11 collet chuck, 5mm mount

small wood screws, 13

1.7mm thick aluminium plates, 30*30mm, 3

4* 10mm OD, 5mm ID bearings

2* 10mm OD, 6mm ID bearings

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