#231 Easy Arduino project????for XMAS Tunes????! Annoy your entire family!????

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IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! Time to celebrate with a few XMAS tunes.
► https://www.pcbway.com/ $5 for 10 PCBs double-sided

Whilst having a bit of fun making Xmas tunes with the Arduino, we can also learn a couple of things.

Let's cover a simple use of ARRAYs, find out what PROGMEM is all about and how we can split our source code into multiple tabs so we can see the woods for the trees.

I'll also briefly cover the types of piezo buzzer you can use here and why you should never connect a loudspeaker directly to your Arduino - if you want the Arduino to survive.

It's done at a slower pace so beginners can keep up but you can always watch it at 1.25x or 1.5x to speed things along if you so want!

► Want the Arduino sketch code? It's here:

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► 3.5mm stereo break out board, just 13p (17c) each!

► Large passive buzzer (as used in the demo) 53p (71c) each

► 10 pieces small passive buzzer 94p the lot! ($1.25)

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(Special thanks to Michael Kurt Vogel for compiling this)

► Different format and the duration is each note is multiplied by the tempo - an Xmas challenge for you

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