#212 Arduino Man Cave aka Workshop Tour ????

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Want to know about my (new) workshop? Then this video briefly shows how it was constructed and why I made certain design decisions.
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One unique feature is that a layer of semi-engineering bricks were first laid onto the concrete base so that the workshop base was never in direct contact with the (wet) ground. This ensures the wooden structure will never get wet and should last a long time.

Internally, I designed the workbenches based on the "shortcomings" of my previous workshop: I felt that 600mm workbenches were wasted and just accumulated "stuff" (aka junk") at the back of the workbench.

Additionally, the spaghetti cables connecting everything to the PC were a nightmare. When I used to be involved with installing servers at work, they were all rack-mounted and could be accessed from behind with super neat cabling. So I adapted that approach and had my "PC workbench" at right angles from the wall (not running along it) with a cupboard underneath where all the PC devices could live (base unit, external disk drives, USB hubs, power supplies) without cluttering up the surface. Fantastic!

We talk about the height of each workbench and why I chose the heights I did; I'm tall (6' 3" or 190cm) though, so a shorter person might find them too high (in the same way my wife finds the kitchen cupboards too tall).

Let me know your thoughts and ways you might have built your workshop differently!

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