#209 Arduino Timer Interrupts - Overflow & Comparator. Easy Peasy.

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What! Timer Interrupts? So easy and so useful.
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I had to show you how to do this on an Arduino (Uno/Nano/Mini) as it's a very useful technique for offloading some processes, even though I tried to use the same technique on an ESP32 - and failed, as it was not the right way to do what I wanted. But here it is!

If you need a regularly triggered function (from every few microseconds to every few milliseconds) then this is a possible solution.

Not only that, I have an important (but sad) announcement about my future videos as well as a quick, 5-minute update on the Internet Web Radio (working so very well!)

Sketches in my GitHub:

Timer 2 Interrupt Info from Nick Gammon (no, not related)

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