168. Why A DC Power Bus For Your DCC Model Railroad

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DCC powered model railroads can have a lot of accessories that require DC power to operate. Now you can use accessory decoders and power them off your DCC power bus but that gives you less power for operating trains. In the end you may have to buy another booster just for your accessories. There is another option, add a DC power bus for powering them. It will be cheaper than a second booster and may simplify your wiring in the process. In this video I'll show how to wire up a DC power bus as well as adding sub buses to it for providing different voltages required by various accessories. So let's get started.

Parts List

All Electronics (www.allelectronics.com)
Quick Splice 22-18 7100
Quick Splice 16-14 7200
Quick Splice 12-10 7300
T-tap 22-18 951
T-tap 18-14 952
T-tap 12-10 953

Mouser (www.mouser.com)
3M 18-14/22-18 517-905
3M 12-10/18-14 517-567

Use what ever wire you need from your local hardware store. I suggest stranded wire and use 14ga for the main bus and 16ga for shorter sub buses.

For the buck boards search eBay for DC step down power circuits, there are tons on there. Pick the one that meets your power needs.

Anderson Power Poles
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