$150 wireless mocap gloves - DIY Tutorial - Arduino + SteamVR trackers

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This is a complete assembly guide showing how to build your own pair of (super low latency) Mocap Fusion Gloves using supplies found at local hardware stores and some Arduinos.

Part 1: Wired mocap gloves using a single Arduino Mega.

Part 2: Wireless mocap gloves using nRF24 radios w/ an Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega.

Part 3: Wireless mocap gloves using two Boneduinos with built in nRF24 radios and a Arduino Uno.

More detailed instructions and Arduino code can be found on my GitHub: https://github.com/guiglass/Mocap_Fusion_Gloves

The software I am using to test the gloves is APS (LUXOR) v3.8.8. Check out more of my free motion capture tools and apps at www.MocapFusion.com


Join my DIscord to find even mocap hardware, tutorials and mocap apps I've developed: https://discord.com/invite/ErZcKaQ
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