#1 | What is arduino? | Arduino explained | Writing our first arduino programme

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Hello guys, in this video i will tell you what is arduino in a detailed way and which arduino to use, which arduino kit to buy, arduino pinout and then we will write our first arduino program.

My previous video (how to download arduino ide) - https://bit.ly/3IfbNot

My facebook group - https://bit.ly/3rCnxeO

My discord group - https://bit.ly/32WYXv0

Arduino kits to buy :-

Electrobot RFID starter kit (amazon) - https://amzn.to/3DjuvYn
Starter kit (robu) - https://bit.ly/3poFuLb
Advanced kit for Arduino Mega (robu) - https://bit.ly/3lvgXCU

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