???? How To Make A Capacitor Measurement Meter Using Arduino #JLCPCB

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???? How To Make A Capacitor Measurement Meter Using Arduino #JLCPCB

In this video, I teach you how to make a capacitance meter for measurement of any kinds of capacitor value like - what's the value of capacitor microfarad or picofarad or nano farad? So guys this is really an interesting project. In this tutorial, I am using Arduino programming. So you can easily make it yourself. You just this video till the end.

Complete this required components:
1. Arduino Uno Board
2. Atmega328P IC
3. 28 Pin IC Base
4. 16Mhz Crystal
5. L7805 IC
6. USB B Connector
7. Power Socket
8. 103 variable Resistor
9. Female to Male IC Rail Header
10. 22 pf Ceramic Capacitor
11. 4.7 K Resistor x2
12. 10K Resistor x2
13. 1K Resistor
14. 100K Resistor
15. 220R Resistor

Circuit Diagram & Code: https://bit.ly/2OPhSAT

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