???? Real time MFM floppy decoding in arduino ????

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OK more floppy fun, this time with jepler helping out - we're doing some cross-platform code sharing where the mfm decoding C code is going to be the same for arduino and circuitpython. jepler wrote up the mfm-decoding-and-crc-verifying for circuitpython and it was pretty easy to integrate it into arduino so that we can not just read flux data but the actual binary data! here we've got a simple floppy track dumper that goes from track 0 to 80, alternating sides, and prints the hex and ascii output. and, now you can see why we went with text files as a test bed - its very easy to see that our cross-sector reading is correct because the text continues smoothly from one to the other. this means we're getting close to being able to access the file system in arduino which means we are ONE STEP CLOSER to building a project ladyada has wanted since she was a teenager (can you guess what it is?) anyways, code is here for the curious https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_Floppy/blob/main/examples/mfm_test/mfm_test.ino

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